Inspirational Friday

October 20, 2017

About this time of year I need this reminder ha!  The last three months of the year are definitely crazy. Work days tend to be 7 days a week and in the double digits of number of hours worked, but when I stop and say would I rather being doing a 9 to 5 desk job the answer is “no!”  I work hard. I take time to enjoy the things that are important to me.  And, I’m happy.  So, I think I’m succeeding!



Inspirational Friday

September 15, 2017

There are many days where it will get done “tomorrow.”  It’s like that saying: “If it weren’t for the last minute I’d never get anything done.”  Though many don’t believe me when I tell them I can be guilty of procrastination :D.


Inspirational Friday

August 18, 2017

Scary. Terrifying. And also, exhilarating.


Inspirational Friday

July 14, 2017

Yup. Totally. This.


Inspirational Friday

June 16, 2017

So, this probably doesn’t quite qualify as inspirational, but it sure does crack me up. It really is true in the aspect it reflects the highs and lows I can go through running my own business.  Ultimately, at the end of the day I’m happy. I love what I do and I wouldn’t give it up or change anything…but there are those times when I go “why the heck did I start my own business?!?!”


Inspirational Friday

May 19, 2017

I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my lifetime.  I’m going to make plenty more. I’ve learned to (most of the time) use them as a learning tool and move forward.  They help me not make the same mistakes again.


Inspirational Friday

April 21, 2017

I’m rarely bored.  There’s always too much to do, too much to see, too much to explore!  And when there’s none of that there are always books ;).