Amazon Lily & Rain

January 23, 2014

And I’m officially playing around with new scents and new designs again!  First one up: Amazon Lily & Rain.

Amazon Lily & Rain Fragrance Oil:  A light scent that smells just like line dried linen.  The aroma is pleasantly comforting with notes of fresh cut grass and pine enveloped by sweet florals.

I got this fragrance to have for March/April (part of my spring line).  I am not a floral person, but I have to say if you like florals this is really nice in the soap.  Bramble Berry’s image on their webpage with this fragrance totally inspired this design!


I love the purple!  Turned out much more bold than I thought it would.  And then the top layer is an in the pot swirl of white and yellow.  It all worked out perfectly.  Just love the design of this one!



This soap will be available on my webpage the first week of March!