Inspirational Friday

November 14, 2014

Here’s your “Inspirational Friday” quote:


As many of you know I trapeze.  I’ve only been able to fly a handful (4) times since the end of July.  I’ve missed it.  I’ve flown twice in the past three weeks.  Getting back into it has been fun (if not a little painful…oh those muscles I forgot I had!).  I’ve been a little frustrated with myself for not being where I was back in July and I had to stop and go “Hey, you can do this!”  It’s coming back.  Work on old tricks each week, build up your strength, and before you know it I’ll be back to working on new tricks.  Once I gave myself the mental talking to things went much better.  I CAN do it. And with work I’ll get there.  This goes for everything in life.  Believe you can do something and with a little hard work you WILL accomplish your goal.

Happy Friday everyone!

Creating Tags

November 9, 2014

Sometimes I love creating tags, other times not.  Most of the time my best friend helps me with them and between the two of us we come up with something that I really love.  The tags we created for my Foot Pamper Sets and Muscle Soothe set fall under that category!

Foot Pamper Tag FloralFoot Pamper Tag FruitMuscle Soothe Set

Inspiration Friday

October 24, 2014

I love motivational quotes or inspirational quotes…things that speak to me.  Another blog I follow posts quotes from time to time and I love it. They’re some of my favorite posts, because in each  quote I always find something positive to take away from it.  I started a folder where I was collecting favorite quotes of mine and every time I added one I was like “I want to share this.”  Recently I was like well why don’t I?  So, Fridays are becoming my inspirational Friday where I share with you a favorite quote and tell you why.

be easy

This one speaks to me on so many levels, but mostly with my business. I knew going in that it wasn’t going to be an easy journey, but I wanted it and I three years later I can say it’s been worth it.  Every stressful moment, all the worrying, the never ending planning, the 18 hour days have all been worth the happiness I get from running my own business.

Applejack Peel

October 3, 2014

Two years ago I made this soap.  The fragrance was devine.  I LOVED it.  Last year I bought more, but the formula had changed.  It was mediocre at best.  I wasn’t happy.  I didn’t even bother making a soap with it.  I did have to try and find a new supplier for the applejack though since I had a customer that loved the scent.  I ended up finding one that was close to the original.  It wasn’t perfect, but still pretty darn close to the original.

This year I ordered more applejack to make the custom order and maybe a year passing since smelling it or maybe not having the original anymore to compare it to changed how I thought.  The fragrance just spoke to me again.  So, it’s back!

Applejack Peel: Wonderful fresh apples with spicy notes of cinnamon and clove.

I love wet soap pictures and this swirl was too pretty to not share!

wetsoap2applejackNow available!

Autumn Wreath

September 26, 2014

I did two small batches of Autumn Wreath and Harvest Moon.  These two soaps are having “trial runs” this year.  I want to see how well they sell and how popular they are when people smell them at markets.

Autumn Wreath: A cheerful, fall, and welcoming fragrance oil by Natures Garden with the spicy warmth of autumn leaves, cinnamon apples, nutmeg and clove.

Design wise this soap didn’t quite come out as I pictured, but I do really like it.  I should have swirled contrasting colors (instead of the yellow/orange), but otherwise I really like this one. It’s now available.  I have a limited number available.

autumnwreathHarvest Moon: Starts with top notes of fresh pear, blueberries, and pineapple; followed by middle notes of juniper berries and eucalyptus; and well rounded with base notes of spruce, woods, Douglass fir, cedar, and white musk. No picture of these.



September 23, 2014

I have two pumpkin soaps: Pumpkin Spice and Pumpkin Cheesecake.  I had a small bottle of pumpkin spice and decided to make a small batch.  I LOVE this one. I wanted to do an orange and black soap. I love the colors together.  This one didn’t disappoint.

The Pumpkin Cheesecake on the other hand…SIGH!  I knew the vanilla content was high in this soap and would darken all the colors.  I just didn’t expect it to be as extreme as it was.  There’s very little definition between the elements in this soap.  Just looks like a dark bar.  I was going for a pumpkin embedded in the soap.  It definitely SMELLS amazing.  It was an extremely popular soap last year.  Hopefully people will still love it because it’s scent and forgive it’s rather unappealing look.

Pumpkin Spice

Love how the top came out.  Half is glitter and the other half is a mica swirl.  Such fun!

2014-07-31 12.13.43

pumpkinspicePumpkin Cheesecake


Both are available!

Spa Bags

September 20, 2014

Love this drawstring bags.  I partnered up with Pink Pigeon Creations again to make these little spa gift bags.  The bags are: waterproof, machine wash and dry safe, and food safe.  The exterior is high quality quilting cotton, and the interior is a food grad PUL (polyurethane laminated polyester knit).

Inside each bag is a soap, lotion, salt scrub, and bath fizzies.  They make great gifts!

spa bag



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