Items for Sale: Destash!

June 23, 2014

It’s that time again where I’ve gone through all the items I have that I’m not used, no longer need, or just have too many of.  I’d love to find homes for everything (which in turn will give me some cleared shelf space to just go get more stuff…it’s a never ending cycle :D.) I’ve split everything into a couple categories.  I’ve listed amounts and costs.  This doesn’t include shipping.  Shipping will be calculated based on what each person wants.

First come first serve.  If you want something comment or email me (JenniferSoap [at] gmail [dot] com) with what you want and your mailing zip so I can calculate shipping costs for you.


  • (7)  9.5oz Spice Bottles – $.50 EACH  (Similar to these)
  • (7) 16oz Spray Bottles – $2.00 EACH (Picture)
  • 150 Clear Lip Balm Caps – $0.03 per cap if you take them all or $0.05 per cap if you just want a portion of them) Image (just selling caps, not tubes)
  • 420 Kraft Soap Boxes Measure: 2 3/4 x 1 3/16 x 3 13/16 $0.14 per box if you take the entire set / $0.17 per box if you just want a portion

soap box

  • (37) 1oz Clear Spray Bottles (SKS 0028-26) – $0.45 EACH
  • (18) 16oz bottles SKS 0028-107 (I have 7 white caps and 7 spray bottle nozzles I’ll put with them, but they’ll still be missing 4 caps.  SKS/WSP sells just tops.) – $16 for all 18 bottles/caps
  • (29) 8oz Keuka Plastic Bottles with caps – $0.40 per bottle/cap
  • Approx. 20 Plastic Tubes SKS 0890-01$0.30 EACH


  •  2oz Pink Lemonade Flavor (WSP) - $1.50
  • 9oz WSP Orange-Cranberry – $4.00
  • 10oz BB Yuzu (not recommended for CP soap, fades) – $4.00
  • 16oz WSP Vanilla Verbena – $6.00
  • 4oz BB Mint Chocolate Chip – $1.00
  • 4oz BB Relaxing – $3.00
  • 4oz RE Lavender & Chamomile – $3.00
  • 2oz BB Black Tea – $1.00
  • 2oz BB Amber – $1.00
  • 2oz BB Strawberry - $1.00

(BB= Bramble Berry, WSP= Wholesale Supplies Plus, ED= Essential Depot, RE= Rustic Essentials, NG= Nature’s Garden)


  • 1 wood molds (holds approx 3-3.5lb) Soap.  The base is separate from the sides, so the side just slips over the anchor on the base and it holds it in place.  Use Great Cake Soapworks method of lining molds to easily line these.   – $10 EACH


  • Assortment of Plastic (one silicon) molds (8 total).  Selling as set.  Shapes include: flowers, cupcakes, crayons, geometric shapes, one star individual mold… – $8.00 for SET




  • 7lb Red Turkey Castor Oil (I’ll ship this too, but I’ll tell you cheapest it’ll be is $16 to ship.  Fits in a large flat rate box.)
  • 4oz Ball Glass Canning Jars (total 10)
  • 8oz Ball Glass Canning Jars (total 6)
  • 4oz Glass jars (no lids)
  • Impulse Sealer (not great quality one, but still works)
  • Cupcake Holders SEE HERE 100+ (I’ll ship these too if you want them)
  • Approx. 5lb Dentric Salt (I’ll ship this if anyone wants too)
  • Bag of Sea Salt
  • Holiday Cookie Cutters (I’ll ship if anyone wants them)

Soap Conference: Arizona Part 3

June 6, 2014

The conference offered some interesting classes. I learned a few new things. Had things I already knew reinforced and overall enjoyed the classes I took.

Tuesday Highlights:

I think the two classes that I got the most out of were “Mastering the Bath Bomb” and “Formulating Fantastic Body Scrubs & Whipped Butters.”  I’ve never had a “loving” relationship with bath bombs, but I think that there is potentially a truce coming in the near future between me and bath fizzies!

I learned about some new ingredients to try in the scrubs/butter class.  I’m going to try a variation of the sugar scrub Maria Bosworth gave us.  I’m super excited about it actually.  I think  I might actually be able to make a sell a scrub over the hot summer months!!

Stay tuned.  I plan to do blog posts on my experimenting over the next few weeks!

night cactus

Wednesday Highlights:

I LOVE Kevin Dunn.  He has a way of explaining science that just makes sense.  His talk last year kind of transformed my understanding of soapmaking.  This year, with a year of knowledge, researching, experiments, reading behind me I have a vastly greater understanding of the chemistry of soap.  I think because of this I enjoyed his chat even more than I potentially would have if he’d given the same one last year.  I’d love for him to do some of his “basic” (or introduction to the chemistry of soap) classes again.  Not as a key note for the day, but just as small hour/hour and a half seminars so all those new soapmakers out there can hear him talk and benefit from his knowledge and the advance soapers can do a different class.

The second highlight of the day was “Making Transparent CP/HP Soap” but Kerri Mixon.  Yes, I wasn’t really too excited about it at first, but after the class I couldn’t wait to get home to try it out.  It’s not as hard as it seems (I’d read about it before and my eyes glazed over at the work that seemed to be involve with it).  I have all these ideas on how to mix transparent CP and regular CP soap together.  You’ve been forewarned!  You will be seeing more on this topic from me in the future.


Thursday Highlights:

By the time Thursday arrived I was exhausted. Lack of sleep was catching up with me. I’d “worked” hard the previous two days at the conference. And my brain was almost on overload at that point. What I remember most from Thursday was my Color class and additives class. Both were interesting. I knew a lot of the information presented, but I definitely took away some new information, so that was fun.

At the awards dinner that night I was not really 100% there. The guild does a series of ten questions. They’re questions about things that happened at the conference, about the people there, and the local area we’re in. The first question the asked was: At the start of this conference how many members did the soap guild have. They’d told us this at the member lunch on Wednesday. I sat there thinking and three numbers popped out in my head: 2, 5, 6. I knew there were 2500+ members. I couldn’t remember exactly how many there were though. I put down 2,556. The answer was 2,560. I was off by four! Anyway, I went through and answered the other questions (in which, surprising myself) I got them all right.

Soap samples from the "Exfoliants in Soap" class.

Soap samples from the “Exfoliants in Soap” class.

They collect the answers and they take all the people that got all ten right (which usually isn’t that many) and then they pull a name from those. You win a soap guild goodie bag. It’s just something fun. Well, I knew I’d gotten one question wrong, but it didn’t click when they got up there and say that no one had got all ten questions right, so they took the two who had 9 out of ten right. When they called my name I just sat there and looked at Jesse going, did they really just call my name.

hotel 2

All in all it was a good conference. I was up at 3am the next day to catch of 6am flight. I made it home (finally) Friday around 5:30pm.

Next year I won’t be attending the conference. I really want to attend a wholesale trade show and I only have a budget for one trip, but the following year I plan to head down to Tampa, FL for the 2016 conference.


(Pictures are from the hotel and its landscape.)

Soap Conference: Arizona Part 2

June 5, 2014

Once I arrived at the hotel I got settled into my room with my two awesome roommates (Jesse and Sister Hope). Registration was at 4 and the first part of my soap exam was at 6. I KNEW the information that was on the advance exam. I’ve been making soap for almost five years now. I’ve read, studied, and continued to expand my knowledge on soapmaking. And despite all this I was still nervous. :D I stressed over whether I’d know the answers.

When I got into the test I went through all twenty questions in ten minutes. I went back to reread and double check all my answers. All that stressing for nothing :) Tuesday morning I learned I passed the multiple choice section of the exam. I had to wait till Wednesday afternoon to learn if I’d passed the second part (making my own soap). I have to say I really like the recipe I created. I used Shea butter in almost all my soaps, but I have a couple customers who are allergic to shea. The recipe I created was formulated for them. I used cocoa butter in place of shea. I altered some of the percentages of the oils I used and the end result was a really creamy bar that had small bubbles, but still lots of lather. I love washing my hands with it. They feel silky every time after I use it!

I’m happy to say I’m now an advanced certified CP/HP soapmaker! I’ll do the MP tests this year, just because. I figured I’m teaching classes on both MP and CP that I might as well get the certification for them. And maybe one day in the future I’ll start working on the Master certification. Okay, maybe not “maybe” but probably :) You know me. I want to be the best I can be at my craft and I think the Master test will push me even further.


Soap Conference: Arizona Part 1

June 4, 2014

I’ve finally recovered from my AZ trip (mostly). It’s amazing how much work piles up when you go away for a week. As most of you know I went out to Arizona for a week to visit with my aunt and to attend the annual soap makers conference. I had a lovely time out in Arizona, but I’m glad to be home again.

I was excited to attend the conference, especially after my experience at last years conference. It was my second conference and I can say I learned some new things, got to hand out with old friends and meet some new ones.

Let’s backtrack though and start a few days prior to the conference. My aunt lives in Tucson and I figured if I was going to be in Arizona I had to visit! The trip started off on a not so great note! At 1:30 in the morning I was rudely awoken by a phone call informing me my flight had been canceled and they’d rebooked me on a flight for Sunday. I spent the next half hour on the phone trying to get through to someone to reschedule my flight for that day. It worked out in the end. I got a later flight, just barely (and I mean barely) made my connecting flight. I arrived in Arizona exhausted, but there.

I was greeted with 100 degree temps. It was LOVELY. I love the heat. Saturday was a day to just hang out and try and stay up past 8pm. I managed to stay up that evening, but I woke up every morning between 5 and 5:30 while I was there. There was nothing I could do to make myself sleep. Three hour time changes aren’t the most fun!

Sunday we went to Saguaro National Park. I got to learn more about the history of Tucson, it’s landscape, clime, and habitat. I saw a baby javelina and (yes I realize this makes me geeky) see a jojoba plant. Yes, that excited me greatly. I love jojoba oil and use it in my products.

saguaro 10

Monday we went to Sabino Canyon. We took the trolley up the canyon and walked back down, enjoying the natural beauty of the canyon. We had a nice picnic lunch and then it was time to head to the hotel for the conference.

Sabino 1

Sabino 14

Essential Oil Blends: Suggestions?

April 28, 2014

I admit it!  I’m not good at blending essential oils.  Partly because I’m too picky, partly because so many essential oils give me headaches I just avoid them.  What I’m looking for are some suggestions on different essential oil blends.  I’ll create a list of some I use (and love) and then I’d love to hear some of your favorites and I’ll create a list of those here too.  It can be a kind of reference place for everyone.

Side Note: I cannot go near geranium.  I’m extremely allergic to that EO.  It’s not pretty when I’m around it!  Also, I can’t do lemongrass.  Not sure why, but lemongrass and I just don’t get along!

Jennifer’s Blends:

  • Clove Bud & Orange (1/2 ratio)
  • Cinnamon, Clove, Orange, Lemon (1/1/3/2 ratio)
  • Anise & Peppermint (2/1 ratio)
  • Spearmint & Eucalyptus (2/1.5 ration)
  • Orange, Lemon & Pink Grapefruit (1/1/1 ratio)
  • Rosemary, Lavender, & Peppermint (2/1/1 ratio)
  • Tea Tree & Lavender (2/1 ratio)

Orange & Cranberry

April 1, 2014

Fragrance: Freshly squeezed oranges kissed with tart cranberry.

Technique: Embeds

I was less than pleased with this soap.  It just didn’t quite work the way I wanted.  I was playing around with a new way to do embeds.  I made a bunch of round embeds to start.


Then I cut them in half or left them whole and placed them throughout the loaf.

loaf embeds



Pink Sangria

March 28, 2014

Fragrance: A refreshing combination of zesty mandarin, raspberry , fresh blueberry and layered sweet sugar crystals..

Technique: Layering Embeds

This technique was really easy and I was surprised at how much I liked the final soap.  I just made a small batch of black and white soap and cut it up in thin slices. Then I made a new batch and embedded the slices into it.

layered embeds


pink sangria1

pink sangria3


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